Slurping Oysters & Chugging Drinks!!

Moonshine Creek

Maritime Oyster Festival moonshine

The founders of the distillery are the brothers Joshua Clark and Jeremiah Clark plus a family friend, Wyatt Morrell. Inspired by the stories of their grandfather the bootlegger, and a book they read When Rum was King by BJ Grant. The brothers, like their grandfather saw a clear opportunity to create a business in the rural area where they grew up. New Brunswick's agriculture offers everything they will need to create unique spirits that pay tribute to our maritime culture. Moonshine Creek Distillery is a representation of our determination to create these opportunities, and we look forward to supporting local growth.

Trailway Brewery

Grimross Brewery

The Gahan House

York County Cider

York County Cider features New Brunswick grown apples, crafted into English style cider

Blue Roof Distilleries

The Blue Roof Distillery sources its raw materials from the farm and transforms the finest ingredients into Blue Roof premium spirits. 

Big Axe Brewery

Moosehead Small Batch